Save up to 15% off & purchase a waxing series

F A C I A L  W A X I N G
Required to stop applying  retin-A, retinols, or prescribed acne creams 3 days before
wax to avoid burning/tearing of  skin.   

Chin wax             $  5
Patches                 $10
Lip  wax               $10
Brow wax            $15
Face wax              $30
(includes eyebrow, lip, chin & cheeks)

B R A Z I L I A N  &  B O D Y  W A X I N G   
Recommended to avoid taking any blood thinning medication (aspirin, ibuprofen) before wax to avoid bruising.  Minimum of 2 week hair growth required.

Under arm wax      $20
Full Arm wax          $35
Back  wax                  $40
Chest wax                 $40

Bikini wax                $40
Brazilian wax          $55
Upper leg wax      $45
Lower leg wax      $45