Massage helps manage physical & mental stress. It involves a harmonious alignment of emotional & spiritual aspects of our being, decreases anxiety, enhances sleep, boosts energy & increases metabolism.  Glows Massage Therapists offer a range of effective techniques to best suit your particular needs.  To ensure comfort & privacy, your body is covered at all times. 

CalM ~ Balance~

Rejuvenate ~ Heal



60 minute /  $70
90 minute /  $100

This European body massage uses a soothing technique to relax physical & mental stress allowing the body to calm, rejuvenate & heal.  Long fluid strokes from soft to medium pressure are used to enhance the body’s natural functioning, improve muscle tone & circulation, decrease anxiety, enhance sleep & boost energy. This therapeutic treatment is designed to create a harmonious alignment of physical relaxation & calm, while mentally uplifting & clearing the mind.


60 minute / $80              
90 minute / $110

 Similar to Swedish massage, this deep pressure massage focuses on releasing tension in the lower muscle layers. This treatment speeds up muscle recovery by removing lactic acid & improving range of motion through slow strokes. This therapy is intended for concentrated relief of stubborn “knots” & tension, improving overall well-being.  It can be very effective in releasing chronic patterns of tension relating to: stress, prolonged computer work, bad posture, sports or any other type of injuries. Deep tissue massage can cause some targeted area soreness for up to 24 hours. However, after this period the client can fully appreciate the therapeutic results of the session.


60 minute / $100  
90 minute / $120

Go beyond the physical experience & enter deeper dimensions of relaxation & well being.  Heated stones   are placed on specific body points to   gently warm, soothe&  create new circulation patterns.  This rhythmic massage thoroughly   dissolves   tension   &  calms the spirit.  Allow rejuvenating energy of hot stones warm your soul & heal your body.


60 minute /  $140    
90 minute /  $200

What makes a wonderful experience fantastic? Sharing it with a loved one. Two therapists work harmoniously creating an experience that is soothing to the body & uplifting to the spirit. Our magnificent treatment room provides exceptional comfort & luxury where couples enjoy side-by-side treatments. *Enjoyed by friends & family for any occasion. 


60 minute /  $75

Prenatal Massage is bodywork that focuses on special needs of the expecting mother as her body goes through the dramatic changes of pregnancy.  Our massage therapists use gentle, noninvasive techniques to  soothe & relax the nervous system, improve lymphatic & blood circulation, alleviate stress associated with skeletal changes, & enhance the function of muscles/joints. Performed only during 2nd & 3rd trimester.