100% Natural Hair Care ~ Created in Italy

MILKSHAKE uses an amazing range of professional salon hair products inspired by nature. The MILKSHAKE philosophy is simple; use the power & beauty of nature to get amazing looking hair for all occasions.  It restores hair back to its original state by using organic ingredients such as milk, yogurt & fruit proteins that will be heavenly for your hair.


Hair SERVICES & PRicing


CLIPPER CUT                           $15
CHILD CUT                                $10  & up
SHAMPOO & STYLE        $25  & up
HAIRCUT                                     $30  & up
COLOR & CUT                        $70  & up
FULL FOIL                                    $75  & up
UP-DO                                               $40  & up
HAIR EXTENSIONS           By consultation only
FULL FACE MAKEUP        $60 

*Prices vary upon stylist  & are priced according to length & thickness of hair. If gift certificate is redeemed with our independent contracting hair stylists at Glow, their personal policies apply.





$20 add on to hair service

Our yogurt & milk hair masks offer levels of intensity with this exclusive in-salon treatment.  The yogurt mask concentrates on deep conditioning & revitalizing shine while the milk mask regenerates full bodied structure & strength. We encourage assisting your hair in returning to its natural best with these organic amino acids, avocado & rice oils, honey & fruit extracts & Vitamin E. Hair is restored, revived & awakened, transformed into healthy, shiny hair without weighing it down. 


SHORT HAIR $200 & up
LONG HAIR $250 &up

For shorter hair above the shoulders or longer hair below the shoulders, this Smoothing Therapy is the ultimate conditioning treatment that gives hair a silkier feel. Softens frizz, curl & bulkiness. Reduces drying & styling time in half. Leaves hair deeply conditioned with natural body & movement. Reduces 80% hair breakage, prevents color fade by 67% & lasts up to 4 months

LASH & brow tinting

Make your eyes pop without using any makeup! Tint can be applied to brows or lashes to enhance color, accentuate shape & increase overall thickness. Treatment takes place in our elite spa setting with hot towels & relaxation. (Eye brow wax recommended with service to enhance results)

Eye lash Tint:       $30
Eye brow Tint:    $25




Looking for long, beautiful natural looking lashes? No mascara or eyelash curlers necessary. Eyelash extensions are individual strands of lashes attached to each natural lash with a special adhesive. It is commonly required to get a refill every two weeks to maintain them. The procedure can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour for a refill and 2 hours for a full set. Eyelash extensions are safe and never in contact with the skin. Lay down in one of our heated beds, listen to music and relax while getting the lashes you will love! 

Full set / $120
One week fill / $25
Two week fill / $35

Before arrival- please remove any makeup prior to appointments!  $20 cancelation & no show fee if canceled day of.

    •    Be gentle with your extensions
    •    Do not get your lashes wet 12-24 hours after
    •    Do not pull at your extensions or try to remove them yourself. 
    •    Do not use a eyelash curler
    •    Refrain from rubbing your lashes
    •    Avoid oil based products/ makeup removers near your eyes. 

         At glow we use a variety to help fit you best!  

                           B E L L A   L A S H
                             L A S H  B O L A   
                      L O N D O N   B R O W S

   Faux mink light weight lashes, handmade customized for each client
   Antelliseal- sealing coat, helps cure the glue and increase bonding time. 
   Diamond adhesive, better retention, latex free fast drying time. 
   Beautiful soft cashmere lashes with the flexibility of silk
  Addy glue, thin consistency low fumes amazing retention with 2 second drying time